FISHER - Kintsugi for Orchestra with the MSO

Salina Fisher – Kintsugi For Orchestra commissioned by the Manukau Symphony Orchestra and Funded by the Nicholas Tarling Charitable Trust.

Performed live by the Manukau Symphony Orchestra conducted by Uwe Grodd, at the Houstoun Plays Saint-Saens concert, 19 November 2022, Due Drop Events Centre, Manukau.

Salina Fisher and MSO Operations Manager Russell Finnemore

The Manukau Symphony Orchestra is proud to bring you a recording of the world premiere of Salina Fisher’s Kintsugi for Orchestra.

The work was commissioned by the Manukau Symphony Orchestra and funded by the Nicholas Tarling Charitable Trust.

Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. All the pieces of a broken bowl or pot are carefully jointed back together with gold-dusted urushi (lacquer). Rather than hiding the damage, kintsugi celebrates all the cracks or ‘scars’ for the unique history that they represent. The object is more beautiful for having been broken.

Salina Fisher writes: I am personally drawn to kintsugi for a metaphor for embracing ‘brokenness’ and imperfection as a source of strength. This piece – originally for piano trio is my expression and exploration of kintsugi, and involves musical fragmentation, fragility, mending and finding beauty in the ‘cracks.’

While writing this piece, I was very fortunate to meet Wellington-based Japanese ceramicist and kintsugi practitioner Kumiko Jacolin. I am grateful to Kumiko for her work and our discussions on Japanese philosophy in ceramics that have been influential in my creative process.

Performing this work was an exciting challenge for the orchestra, and the MSO is extremely proud of its musicians for bringing this beautiful work to life. The MSO wishes to thank Salina Fisher, the Nicholas Tarling Charitable Trust, Auckland Council, Four Winds Foundation, Creative Communities, Pub Charity, Freemasons Foundation, Waka Pacific Trust, Due Drop Events Centre, Multi-Media and its wonderful Patron and donors for their support.

Manukau Symphony Orchestra Performers

Uwe Grodd

Ist Violins
Yid-Ee Goh **
Robyn Finlay +
Dickson Fung
Kali Halapua
Olive Lai
Rosemary Lamborn
Deirdre Nielsen
Jane Pelham
Patricia Roderick +
Wendy Yang

2nd Violins
Rachel Clarke*
Matthew Cook
Johnny Chang
Sue Chen
Barry Driver
Irene Gollop
Godfrey Hansen +
Adrienne Wigmore
Diana Young

Celina Reyes *
Kate Candy
Francisca Carlos #
Rachael Cooper
Barbara Jackson +
Amanda Lawrence
Helen Taber +
Tamsin Tighe-Umbers

Lisa Chung *
Trevor Coe
Vicki Earl
Alison Gentles
Virginia Hopkins
Jennie Khan $
Margaret Mclean +

Mike Steer*
Maria Dimitrievic
Jessie Colbert
Nigel Faigan +
Ted Malan
Jason Moss
Oliver Spalter#
Barbara Symes

Melody Lin *
Agnes Harmath $
Rosene Spence

Joy Liu *
Vanessa Bruell

Julia Cornfield *
Hannah Boocock

Philip Sumner *
Simon Smith

Sarah Thompson *
Christine Breeden
John Jensen +
Jill Ferrabee
Emily Swasbrook

Matthew Verrill *
Sarah Robertson-Bickers
Angus Zeng

Paul Cho*
Tom Chester

Bass Trombone
Robert Latimer*

Sean Murphy*

Camryn Nel

Jessica Hix*
Mone Isoda
Toshika Tsuruta

Yi Jin *

Concert Master **
Principals *
Sponsored Player $
Distinguished Service +
2022 Scholar #