Joy and Passion

EF Joy and Passion 85

Joy and Passion| 7.30pm Saturday, 19 May
NICOLAI ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ Overture
LISZT Piano Concerto No.1
TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony No. 6 “Pathetique”
Uwe Grodd Condcutor
Matteo Napoli Piano
The overture to The Merry Wives of Windsor is light-hearted and tuneful. The story-line is based on Shakespeare’s play of the same title and the music of the overture is mostly from the magical scene at midnight in Windsor Park. Imagine Mistress Page, the fairies (the children of Windsor disguised to fool Falstaff) and the boorish Falstaff himself.Liszt wrote the initial sketches of his first Piano Concerto in 1830 when he was but 19 years old. He continued to refine the work until 1853 and it was given its first performance in 1855 with Liszt as the soloist and Berlioz conducting. This lively bravura work is both dramatic and lyrical, tranquil and sweet, yet at times playful and sometimes leaning towards anger. We welcome Matteo Napoli as soloist for this Concerto. He is a past-winner of the prestigious International Liszt Piano Competition held in Lucca, Tuscany.

The Pathétique is the last of Tchaikovsky’s symphonies written in the last year of his life. He thought this to be his best work, referring to it as his most honest and upright creation. In it he wished to portray himself, his own personality. However, since it concerned him, he never divulged any programme for the work. The only indication is the title Pathétique – symphony of passion – a term originating from the composer’s brother, Modest. The symphony is in turn passionate, plaintive, full of hardship yet consoling, argumentative and struggling, stormy yet reflective. The will to live writhes passionately, but the final thoughts are of an expressive defeat and resignation.

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