EF Moldau 85

Moldau | 7.30pm Saturday, 18 August
SMETANA ‘The Moldau’ from Ma Vlast
SCHUMANN Cello Concerto in A minor
DVORAK Symphony No. 7 in D minor
Timothy Carpenter Conductor
Edward King Cello
‘The river springs from two sources, splashing gaily over the rocks and glistening in the sunshine. As it broadens, the banks re-echo with the sound of hunting-horns and country dances.’ Smetana wrote six orchestral tone poems entitled Má Vlast (‘My Country’). The second, called Vltava (Moldau in German), tells the story of a Czech river from its source until it reaches the city of Prague.

Schumann wrote his Cello Concerto in a period of two weeks, 10-25 October 1850, during his time as Municipal Music Director in Düsseldorf. This was not the most happy period of his life and it is as if he turned to the cello for comfort and courage in adversity. He gave it the title Conzertstück (concert piece) rather than Conzert (Concerto).

‘My new work’ (Symphony No. 7), Dvorak wrote to a friend, ‘must be such as to make a stir in the world, and may God grant that it will.’ At its first London performance the work was given a most enthusiastic reception: Dvorak wrote to a friend ‘The symphony was well liked and the audience acknowledged me and welcomed me in a most ostentatious fashion. There was pandemonium after every movement, rousing to the very end, just like at home, in fact. The symphony went superbly – a wonderful performance.’ ‘I simply want to say that an artist has his country in which he must place his staunch faith and for which he must have a fervent heart.’

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Venue: BNZ Theatre
Vodafone Events Centre
770 Great South Rd
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