Donations and Bequests

Donation title

The Manukau Symphony Orchestra gratefully receives support from our funders. However the generosity of individual donors and corporates will enable the ‘very special spirit’ of the orchestra to continue.
As Auckland’s only community, professional and youth orchestra, every donation ensures the continued growth and sustainability of our very unique orchestra. Become part of Manukau Symphony Orchestra’s supporter family, and experience exclusive activities and events throughout the year in recognition of your wonderful generosity.
Help secure the future and ‘very special spirit’ of the Manukau Symphony Orchestra by making a donation today.


Players as Mentors Fund
Your donation will contribute towards the employment of one of our professional musicians, who sits alongside our community and youth players to teach, guide and encourage them to aspire to and achieve the high standard of performance that our MSO attains.


Youth Musician Education
This fund enables the MSO to offer students funding towards their tuition with a reputable teacher or tertiary institution. You may name the Scholarship that you wish to fund and indicate whether you wish this to contribute towards the advancement of a young player while at still at school or further education while at University.


MSO Principal Musician Fund
Take pride in funding a principal player whether they are the leader of a String Section or Wind, Brass or Percussion professional player. You may choose which musician you wish to support.


General Donation
Your donation will help support the area of greatest need.



Legacy Circle
(Founding Members Christopher and Terry Spragg)
Making a gift in your will is a special way of sharing your passion for the Manukau Symphony Orchestra. Through leaving a legacy, you will ensure the future and ‘ very special spirit’ of this orchestra.


Sponsorship and Corporate Opportunities
The Manukau Symphony Orchestra can provide local businesses with exciting opportunities to sponsor events, activities and material that engage with a diverse audience.
Your company will be recognized as a philanthropic leader that is part of our community, one that is partnering with a unique ensemble of community, professional and youth musicians; an investment in both business and community.
Contact The Manukau Symphony Orchestra to discuss how your gift or sponsorship can help support the Manukau Symphony Orchestra.